Williams Syndrome Association Bulgaria was established in 2014 by two families with children with Williams syndrome and their followers. By March 2015 the association is related to 11 children aged 2 to 22 years.

Williams Syndrome Association Bulgaria became a member of the National Alliance of People with Rare Diseases (NAPRD). The main objectives of the Williams Syndrome Association Bulgaria are:

  • establishment of a national registry (In Bulgaria, there is no official register of people with genetic diseases) .We work with the National Alliance of People with Rare Diseases, and can boast the creation Commission on rare diseases of the Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • to protect the rights of people with Williams syndrome and to help improve their quality of life.
  • to raise public awareness of the needs of people with Williams syndrome,
  • to maintain contact between families and institutions in Bulgaria,

Lyudmila Atanasova

Lyudmila Atanasova,is one of the founders of Williams Syndrome Association Bulgaria. Lyudmila has two sons, the younger of whom – Petar, has Williams Syndrome. In 2015 Petar will be 8 years old but he hasn’t started to speak so far. Lyudmila’s aim is to bring all of the European and world knowledge and experience about WS in Bulgaria. Her dream is to help her son start to speak and to give hope and advices to everyone who have the same problem and need such a support.

Lyudmila Atanasova is the WSAB secretary.


Diliana Saraivanova

Diliana Saraivanova is one of the founders of WSAB. She has two children,13 years old son and 10 years old daughter with WS. Diliana has 20 years experience in advertisement and Television projects. She worked like a ad manager in many company and media. Now take care of her daughter, as well as for the WSAB projects. Her goal is to create a foundation which raise funds for people with Williams in Bulgaria, and especially for the integration of the children with Williams. In Bulgaria there are special schools that accept children with various diseases, but the professionals who work have no a lot of experience and the development of children with Williams going very slow. The aim of our organization is to apply the experience of more long-standing foreign associations and to train our specialists to work with children with Williams Syndrome.

Diliana Saraivanova is the WSAB chairman and WSAB delegate for FEWS.