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Williams Beuren Syndroom vzw is the WS association for the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. Founded in 1991, it has now 75 member families and reaches most of the persons diagnosed with WS in the region. The association aims to help the persons affected with WS and their families through information, contacts and group activities. Every year there is one activity in spring time (conference, participation to cultural event or outdoor activity) and a family day in autumn. In 2013 we organised an international summer camp for youngsters with WS with participants from 9 different countries.


Paul Pyck

Paul is working as Product Manager in the Telecom industry. He is married and father of 2 daughters and 1 son. Some years after his son was diagnosed with Williams syndrome (WS), he got involved in the WS association Williams Beuren Syndroom vzw. Since 2001 he is President of the association. Since the start of FEWS, he is also the delegate for his association and FEWS secretary.