Williams Syndrome Association of Spain (ASWE) is a non-profit association emerged in 1.995 as an initiative of several parents whose children were affected by this syndrome, to improve the quality of life for their children and dissemination information about syndrome. The headquarters is located in Madrid but we have families from all over Spain. There are currently about 145 families.

We have several programs and activities: information and orientation service, speech therapy, music therapy, Employment program, program of autonomy in activities of daily living, school of families, family gatherings, national camp and camp European… In 2012, we organized the FEWS camp in Spain and 41 Youngers with WS from 11 European countries participated.


Lucia Gonzáles Sanches & Alberto Medina

Alberto and Lucia are the current delegates of the association on the FEWS. Both are
siblings of 2 people with Williams’ syndrome and have been involved in several
European camps and collaborate on a regular basis with the activities of ASWE.


group photo