United Kingdom


Williams Syndrome Foundation aims to be the first point of contact for individuals with Williams Syndrome, their families and professionals needing support and information regarding the Syndrome. We actively support research into the educational, behavioural, social, scientific and medical aspects of the Syndrome. We will seek to organise our financial and personnel resources so as to achieve our mission on a sustainable basis. Our six strategic priorities are:

  1. All WS individuals, families and carers in the UK have access to the support they need to help address the challenges of the condition
  2. Provide fora in which our Members and their families can access knowledge, share experiences and have fun confidently and safely
  3. The impact of WS on affected individuals, their families and communities is understood as fully as medical and social science enables it to be
  4. There is broad awareness of WS in UK society
  5. The WSF is a commercially sustainable organisation, with financial processes that are robust, efficient, auditable and compliant with relevant legal and ethical requirements
  6. The Williams Syndrome Foundation is run by dedicated Trustees (preferably parents or close relatives of WS individuals) and employs motivated staff with all the necessary skills to perform their duties to best effect

Jon Lovell

Married to Laura and living near Manchester (UK), Jon has two sons, the youngest of whom, Winston, has Williams Syndrome. Jon has spent most of his career as an advisor to business, government and campaign bodies on corporate responsibility and sustainability, with a particular focus on clients with interests in property and the built environment. He currently works at the professional services firm, Deloitte. He has extensive leadership and Board-level experience in a range of sectors, and aims to use this experience to further the aims of the Williams Syndrome Foundation in the UK, and FEWS, for which he is the UK representative.