The Swedish Williams Syndrome association has 112 members affected by Williams syndrome and 50 additional supporting members. The organisation is for those who have Williams syndrome in Sweden and their relatives and families. Our goal is to offer meeting places, support and knowledge. We work very close with Swedish Rare diagnoses for any important topics for our Williams Family.

Jimmy Cavanagh is the delegate of the Swedish association.

I am married and a father of five sons. Ludde, my 4th son in the line, was born in 2019 and Williams Syndrome identified at 4 months old. We live in a smaller town called Ludvika (SE). I work at Hitachi Energy as a global IT Manager and used to work within a global environment. With this knowledge I aim to contribute into FEWS organization, and my goal is to raise awareness of Williams Syndrome wherever we go and make life for those who have WS and their families to the best it can possible be by driving topics that are needed for this to happen.