The Williams Syndrome Association in Slovakia was founded in 1991 as a non-profit organization by a paediatrician (Dr.Vladimír Bzdúch) with six families with children affected by the syndrome. It was the first Williams syndrome association in Central European countries. At the beginning the main objective was to provide families with professional information and help. Gradually, the parents started to organize meetings of members of the association and to publish a newsletter. There are currently 39 member families. Up to now, 38 meetings and rehabilitation camps have been organized with a rich programme for children and their parents, including psychomotor rehabilitation, physiotherapy, music therapy, hippotherapy, meetings with professionals, as well as recreational activities.

Katarina Jariabkova

Katarína Jariabková

Katarína is the delegate of the Slovak Williams Syndrome Association for FEWS. She is a psychologist and has been volunteering for the Slovak WSA since 1994. Besides her cooperation with the WS association, she contributes to enhancing knowledge within professional services and to increasing public awareness of the Williams syndrome.