Czech Republic


Willík is a non-profit organisation supporting people with WS and their families in Czech Republic. It was founded in 2006 and by this day has around 45 members. The main aim of our association is raising awareness, providing learning oportunities and supporting people with Williams Syndrome and their families. We organize regular meetings three times a year, the main summer meeting takes place for one week. During this stay we provide lectures, seminars and councelling for parents; physiotherapy, music therapy, art therapy and other activities including sport or leisure time activities.


Lenka Hrnčířová

Lenka is a delegate for Czech Republic. Currently she is postgraduate student with specialization in special education at Masaryk University in Brno. Her main focus is adults with Williams Syndrome and right now she is writing a theses on the topics Psychomotor Development Of Individuals With WS And It’s Impact On Education. She has an adult brother with Williams Syndrome. Besides studying she is working in a kindergarden.