The Norwegian Williams Syndrome Association (Norsk Forening for Williams Syndrom – NFWS) was established in 1986 and have today approx. 160 members, mostly families but also some supporting members and professionals. The association is nationwide. Since mid-2000, NFWS is chaired by Erik Andersen.

Our vision is:

“People with Williams Syndrome in Norway should have a good life”.

This means that NFWS will work for all people diagnosed with WS – not only members of NFWS.

Annually we arrange a convention for all members and a series of camps with varying themes and audiences. Many members are also organized in sub-groups and do a various of activities together.


Arne Fedje

Arne Fedje, born 1963. Norwegian delegate to FEWS. Living in Bardufoss, northern Norway and married to Tove. He works in the Norwegian Army. Father to three girls. Frida, the youngest one – born in 1995, have Williams syndrome. They joined the Norwegian WS association (NFWS) in 1997 and Arne was elected to the board the same year. After some years of absence, he is now back in NFWS board as secretary and delegate to FEWS.